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Gnocchi and Tiramisù

Duration: 2 hours  |  Hosted in English, French and Italian

What you'll do

Get ready for an immersive kitchen experience where the world of Gnocchi and Tiramisù comes to life!


The journey begins with a friendly introduction as you get to know me and your fellow foodies, then you'll get geared of your personalized apron and traditional cooking tools.

As the beats of Italian classics fill the air, we start crafting soft and fluffy Gnocchi from scratch. Feel the dough transform under your hands, creating perfect pillows that we'll later dress in our tomato sauce or gorgonzola—your choice!

Then it will be T-time: brace yourself for the secrets of professional Tiramisù making. From dipping savoiardi in rich espresso to layering them with luscious mascarpone, every step is a revelation in the art of assembling the perfect Tiramisù.


The kitchen buzzes with activity as we create, taste, and savor the authentic flavors of Italy: the experience is not just a lesson; it's a direct journey into the heart of Italian classic cuisine.


Join us, and let the aroma of Gnocchi and the sweetness of Tiramisù fill your senses!

* If you've got any allergies, give me a heads up. Dairy-free and veg options are available for this lesson. Can't find a spot? Hit me up - I'll see what I can do ;)

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