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Pasta, Ravioli and Gelato

This is the most booked lesson!

Duration: 2 hours  |  Hosted in English, French and Italian

What you'll do

We begin with a friendly introduction as you get to know your fellow culinary enthusiasts and me, your passionate Italian chef. Together, we embark on a journey into the heart of Italian cuisine.

You'll be outfitted with your very own apron and armed with traditional cooking tools and fresh, locally sourced ingredients: we're ready to create culinary magic.

As classic Italian music fills the background, our hands-on adventure begins. You'll be guided step by step, I'll show you the art of crafting pasta from scratch. Feel the dough yield beneath your fingers as we shape it into delicate fettuccine and exquisite ravioli, each one a masterpiece of your own creation.

In the midst of the lively kitchen atmosphere, you'll learn the secrets of preparing traditional Roman sauces, such as the famed Amatriciana. The sizzle of ingredients in the pan and the rich aromas will transport you to the heart of Italy's bustling trattorias.

But the excitement doesn't stop there.

We'll delve into making ravioli stuffed with velvety ricotta and earthy spinach and decide whether to dress them with a luscious butter and sage sauce or vibrant tomatoes and fresh basil. Lastly, we'll indulge in crafting bowtie pasta accompanied by a sauce that will vary depending on the season.

Then it's gelato time! As our culinary creations come to life, you'll learn the art of Italian gelato making. Savor the simplicity of fresh, natural ingredients as you craft your very own batch of this beloved frozen treat.

Our lesson is a journey that awakens your senses, sparks your creativity, and deepens your connection to Italy's rich culinary heritage!


It's an immersive experience that leaves you with skills to recreate authentic Italian dishes at home, and memories that will linger in your heart long after you've savored the last bite.

* If you've got any allergies, give me a heads up. Dairy-free and veg options are available for this lesson. Can't find a spot? Hit me up - I'll see what I can do ;)

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